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Turbo fault diagnosis

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Large Holset turbos for power upgrades and tuning

posted on 8 May 2014 in Holset turbos

If you need larger turbos for performance upgrades try here carry a wide range of larger commercial turbochargers used in engine power tuning etc...more info >>>

How to clean and service sticky Garrett VNT nozzles

posted on 27 November 2012 in Garrett turbo faults diagnosis

Here is a series of videos that will show you how to clean and service a sticky Garrett turbocharger VNT mechanism on a VW Golf tdi turbo assembly.This can often be a simple solution instead of buying...more info >>>

Audi A6 2.7 turbo problems and fault symptoms

posted on 26 November 2012 in Audi turbocharger problems

Here is an Audi that has a problem on boost with a leaky pipe. The pipe came off the intercooler and was easily fixed by reclamping the hose with a new clip....more info >>>

Diagnose BMW Tdi turbo problem

posted on 26 November 2012 in Help with BMW turbo faults and problems

This video can help you diagnose a turbocharger problem with your BMW 320dThis clip shows the movement of the Garrett VNT turbo actuator and a vacuum measuring gauge at the same time. The vacuum gauge...more info >>>